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Reinforced Concrete Tank (RC Tank) Waterproofing

RC Tank Waterproofing

The reinforced concrete water tank may be tough, but it is still vulnerable to cracking and leaking.

Cracks in the RC tank’s structures can happen for various reasons. Cracks are a common problem in concrete water tank, but they should not be taken lightly as the water will seep into the concrete and lead to further deterioration and corrosion of embedded steel inside. Early detection is important for assessing the cause and extent of the water tank’s damage.

Summerland Water Tank is able to offer quality RC Tank repair service & RC tank waterproofing job to rectify your RC tank’s issues. Our RC tank waterproofing services protect against concrete damage by preventing water from penetrating through the concrete.

Reinforced Concrete Tank (RC Tank) Waterproofing

RC Tank Waterproofing Services : What we do

  • Water tank cleaning is necessary before we can work on any repairing or coating job. Concrete tank surfaces must be clean, dry, and free from oil, grease and other contaminants.
  • Inspect and identify structural crack or leakage.
  • Hack off & remove the deteriorated cement & screed, patch smooth from internal.
  • Water tank coating.
  • RC Tank HDPE lining.