Water Tank Repair & Maintenance

Water Tank Repairing Services

Water tank leakage is usually due to the cracked or damage to the water tank. The water tank damage or leakage occurs when there is movement or any impact or hitting to the water tank, water tank leakage could be also due to the corrosion and general deterioration over the time.

The method and level of water tank repair depend on the damage to the water tank itself. The most common water tank repair task include patches the cracked area, replacement of the sectional panel for cracked / leaking area, water tank’s roof plate repair and replacement, welding of corroded area and so on so forth.

Water Tank Repair in Malaysia

Why Choose Our Water Tank Repairing Services?

Repair the water tank is a natural choice and a cost-effective solutions to your water tank leakage issues. To ensure a leaking water tank is repaired properly, we perform a throughout inspection from both inside and outside of the water tank carefully.

With over 30 years of experience and knowledge in water tank repairing industry, we are able to provide professional water tank repair and maintenance service to keep your water tank in perfect condition.

Water Tank Repair: Water Tank Types

Sectional Panel Pressed Steel Tank (PST Tank)

Sectional Panel Pressed Steel Tank (PST Tank)

Sectional Panel Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics Tank (FRP Tank)

Concrete Tank (RC Tank)

Concrete Tank (RC Tank)

Polyethylene tank (Polytank)

Water Tank Specialist Malaysia

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